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    About us

    Since 1987, Teclat has been providing translation, editing and interpreting services with the primary aim of allowing you, our client, to communicate who you are and what you offer to international markets as well as to potential clients closer to home in the manner that resonates most with your target audience, and with painstaking attention to quality in the target language.

    We are therefore an expert partner in translation and multilingual communication, and we put our experience and know-how at your disposal for projects in virtually any European or Asian language. In addition, much of our work is dedicated to ensuring the linguistic quality of texts written in Spanish and Catalan. We apply our over 30 years’ experience and extensive know-how to each and every project we receive, ensuring rigorous, committed, prompt and reliable work every time.

    We’ve recently started a new chapter in our long history through the addition of new communication services that will allow you to transmit your message equally effectively in a variety of formats, such as subtitling, dubbing and voice-over for your audiovisual material and moderation, facilitation, reporting and documentation services for your debate, decision-making and knowledge-transfer events and spaces.

    The values behind our work consist of caring for people, ensuring equality of opportunities linked to the solidarity economy, a commitment to sustainability and a feminine perspective and way of doing things.


    Gemma Mensa Gil

    Linguistic project management (translations, revisions, advising). Every project we receive passes through her hands. She manages our clients’ projects with the utmost efficiency and carries out a meticulous final quality control process to guarantee an impeccable product.

    Marta Lecumberri Puig

    Management and administration of communication projects (audiovisual services and conference design). With the entire crew at her side, she explores new horizons and innovative ways of doing things, moving this ship forward to become a benchmark for adding value to your company.


    A network
    of associates

    We have an extensive network of associates made up of highly qualified language professionals who work in different language combinations and specialise in a wide variety of fields and sectors. These are the translators, interpreters, the editors and writers, the language consultants who we’ve been working with, in many cases, on a daily basis for over twenty years. In addition, we work with specialists in facilitation, reporting and documentation, as well as communication, for when your project calls for innovative communication resources. It is our collaboration with all of these professionals that allows us to offer excellent, reliable, high-quality service.