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    Interpreting is a linguistic mediation activity that consists of transmitting an oral message from a source language to a target language. In short, the interpreter produces an equivalent message in a different language and makes it comprehensible to the audience listening to it in that language. While doing this, the interpreter is attentive to various aspects of the original message, such as the register used, any implied information in the message as well as the emotions transmitted by the speaker.

    Different types of interpreting use different methods and involve different types of technology. In general, there are four different types of interpreting: simultaneous, consecutive, liaison and, less commonly, chuchotage.

    Simultaneous interpreting: from an interpreting booth for conferences, congresses and other face-to-face meetings; the audience at the event listens directly to the translation of the speech in the chosen language through a receiver (earphones).

    For virtual events, simultaneous interpreting is done remotely through a generic digital platform (like Zoom or similar) or a specialised platform for remote interpreting.

    Consecutive interpreting: for training sessions, presentations, press conferences, etc. The audience listens to the speaker in the source language and, at intervals, the interpreter gives a summary explanation in the language chosen for the event. This can be done in person, wherever the client requires, or remotely via a digital platform.

    Liaison interpreting: used when two speakers do not speak the same language; the interpreter acts as an intermediary and transmits the information from one to the other so that they can understand each other, resolve queries, make decisions or close deals. This type of interpreting can be done in person, by telephone or by means of a digital platform.

    Chuchotage: interpreting in which the interpreter, standing very close to a very small audience of usually one or two people, translates the speaker’s message in a low voice at the same time that the speaker is talking.