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    Audiovisual services


    Transcription is the first essential step in any audiovisual project. Once the audio text has been transferred to written format, it can be converted into the audiovisual product you need – corporate videos, online training sessions or webinars that are translated, subtitled, dubbed or voiced over. These materials will help you reach clients or target users through different and perhaps innovative formats in your sector.

    If what you need is simply to convert an audio recording to text so that the final recipient can read it, we can also take care of that. Transcribing can be tedious to the inexperienced, but we can have it ready for you in no time.

    Audiovisual services

    Voice-over, subtitling and dubbing

    If you’ve had to adapt your documents and content to a digital format, we offer the language and communication resources you need to accomplish creative, successful results.

    Subtitling allows you to maintain the original audio version of a video accompanied by written text in as many languages as you want. We work with the most commonly used coding formats and apply the standards required to facilitate the viewer’s ability to read and understand the translation.

    Voice-over with professional voice talent is the right solution for the narration of corporate videos, advertising, product presentations, etc. Our team of voice talent professionals working in a wide variety of languages will add the professional voice to your video.

    Dubbing allows you to adapt video pieces recorded in the original language of the speaker to as many languages as you need, always with experienced voice talent. We’ll also take care of the translation, which we’ll adjust for dubbing to avoid problems like the synchronisation between the image and the voice.