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    Services for meeting and conferences

    Remote simultaneous & consecutive interpreting

    Distance is no longer an obstacle to holding multilingual meetings thanks to remote interpretation, whether simultaneous, consecutive or liaison.

    We’ll provide you with everything you need to make your event a great success, whether it’s a working group meeting, a macro-congress or any other type of international event.

    Services for meeting and conferences

    Design and coordination of conferences and meetings

    If you’re planning to organise a congress, conference, meeting or any other event either virtually or in person, we’ll give you a hand throughout the process and do what it takes to make sure your needs are met. For meetings at which the attendees will be physically present, we’ll help you choose the most appropriate venue, the most suitable technical resources and the necessary interpreting services; we’ll also make sure that the linguistic quality of the printed material produced for the event is impeccable, and coordinate the work of all the suppliers involved.

    For virtual meetings, we offer technical support for work with the most common digital platforms or those of your choosing, and we can write the protocol to make sure that your presentations are as agile as possible and that participation is as effective as possible. We also provide remote simultaneous interpreting and all the associated language services required for your event, including reports of the sessions and subsequent documentation in whatever format best meets your needs.

    Services for meeting and conferences

    Provision of technical equipment

    We can provide the technical equipment necessary for interpreting at your event. For face-to-face events, this includes interpreting booths, receivers and microphones, among other devices.

    For virtual events, this includes online technical support for the management of the platform and the hub (interpreting booth from which they work virtually) for the interpreters.

    Services for meeting and conferences

    Moderation and facilitation services

    Efficient and effective communication is crucial in many fields, and especially in business, where decisions often have to be taken on strategic plans, annual planning, etc. Having a facilitator at your meetings will contribute to the improvement of internal and inter-company communications, will ensure that all voices and opinions are heard and taken into account, and will put any latent conflicts on the table so they can be addressed and resolved.

    In the context of a conference or other public event, having a facilitator will allow you to work and transmit knowledge in a creative, innovative and much more effective way, with dynamic activities and exercises designed to make the most of the hive mind.

    Services for meeting and conferences

    Reporting and documentation services

    Our professional experts will take note of everything you wish to keep a written record of in your meetings, conferences, presentations, etc. They’ll then review and edit these notes to provide you with a document containing structured content for you to use as you need.

    This is a very effective way of documenting any type of discourse for the subsequent dissemination of content and knowledge.